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My (soon to be famous) Agility Handling System:
1. Show him where to Go
2. Get out of the way


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Private Lessons

One-On-One Instruction

Are you looking for some more personalized instruction and coaching? If so, Lisa is available for private lessons at the Pets Behave facility in Niceville or at your location. Private lessons offer more in-depth, one-on-one instruction where you can really refine a skill or solve a problem. Sessions are usually one hour, but longer sessions are available for people with multiple dogs or for 2-3 people who want to share a session. Hour-long Private Session: $85

Please Email Lisa to schedule your next private lesson. You can pay for your Private Lesson now by clicking on the PayPal Buy Now button:

Online Private Lessons

Just because you don't live close enough to meet with Lisa personally, you can still benefit from Online Private Lessons! Lisa can structure a training program just for you and your dog. This will allow you to train on your schedule, at your convenience and at your location of choice. This option will begin with a consultation, where you can share video and discuss what skill(s) you want to improve. Lisa will then offer 3 shorts designed to be worked on throughout one month. Lisa will offer a lesson plan for Week 1, you can video your session and then send a link. Lisa will review the video, offer suggestions and send course designs or lesson plans for Week 2 then Week 3. On-line Private Lesson: $85.00

Please Email Lisa so that you can discuss your goals. You can begin your Online Lesson by clicking on the PayPal Buy Now button:

Phone Consultation

When you are looking for some advice about anything agility, Lisa is just a phone call away! Schedule a phone Consultation for 30 or 60 minutes and be sure to have your list of questions ready! Lisa will listen to your problems and offer suggestions to help you work things out. This is a great option for people who train by themselves and need some additional input.

Please Email Lisa to schedule your Phone Consultation. You can confirm your Phone Consultation by clicking on the PayPal Buy Now button:

30 Minute Phone Consultation: $45

60 Minute Phone Consultation: $85

Video Analysis

Looking for some input on your agility trial or practice videos? Did you have a mistake that you just can't figure out? Would you like suggestions about other/better ways to run the course? Send up to 3 video links to Lisa and she will review and make comments and suggestions that can help you improve your handling skills. Video Analysis (up to 3 videos): $35

Please Email Lisa with the links to the videos that you would like for her to review, as well as your questions and concerns. You can begin your Video Analysis by clicking on the PayPal Buy Now button:

  • Private Classes are designed to fit the individual and will evolve as student's skills improve/change
  • Beginner to Advanced Dogs and Handlers are Welcomed and Encouraged!
  • Positive/Clicker Training Methods
  • Learn more about Lisa

Call for more information: 850-710-0988

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