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2017 Workshops

Lousiana Capital City Obedience Club Workshops

November 3, 4 and 5, 2017 :: 8am-5pm at LCCOC Training Facility, Baton Rouge, LA

The 2nd Annual LCCOC Workshop was awesome!! Great weather and great handlers and dogs. Looking forward to the 3rd Annual next year! :-)

Nashville Dog Training Club Workshops

Monday, August 21, 2017 :: 6pm-9pm at Nashville Dog Training Club

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 :: 6pm-9pm at Nashville Dog Training Club

Many thanks to the NDTC club for the invitation to do these workshops again this year. So many nice people and great dogs who all worked really hard to fix or refine their handling. I did a few private lessons before the workshops and really enjoyed being able to help with specific problems. Hope to see you all again next year!

Let's FOCUS on Friday: Distance Handling ... For the REST of us!

Friday, July 7, 2017 :: 6pm – 9pm at Pets Behave in Niceville, Florida

Last month, Debbie offered two Distance Handling Workshops where she introduced many of the concepts and drills that she used to help her BC, Skye, learn how to run an agility course from a great distance. What THE REST OF US need is not 30 feet of distance throughout the entire run, but 10-15 feet every now and then. For this workshop, we incorporated some of the drills into coursework where students were able to put their distance skills to the test.

Let's FOCUS on Friday: Weave Pole Boot Camp for Beginners!

Friday, June 16 :: 6pm – 9pm at Pets Behave in Niceville, Florida

This workshop was for the beginners and we had a great group of people looking to increase their dog's understanding of the "dreaded" weave poles. We did some basic drills, and everyone was able to change their handling to help their dogs find that entry and drive forward. So much to learn and everyone left the workshop with lots of ideas about how to train at home.

AKC National Agility Championship Tune-up

Saturday, March 4, 2017 :: 8am-12pm at 5792 Pebble Ridge, Milton, Florida

Sunday, March 5, 2017 :: 8am-12pm at Pets Behave in Niceville, Florida

This year's AKC National Agility Championships (NAC) was held in Perry, GA and many local dog/handler teams qualified and went. We set up and worked through some of the common challenges found throughout last year's NAC courses and as well as some common sequences found in the AKC Premier courses.

Planned drills included the following skills:

  • Jumping: wraps, back side, slice/angled jumping, 270s, 180s, threadles
  • Weaves: difficult entries, crosses before and after, achieving lateral distance
  • Contacts: obstacle discriminations, turn back to tunnels, turn from tunnel onto DW
  • Understanding the best lines for your dog and how to “get there"
  • Follow ME! Box work, navigating past off course jumps and obstacles

March NAC Workshop courses

Let's FOCUS on Friday: Your Path and Your Dog’s Path - What’s the Difference?

Friday, February 3, 2017 :: 6pm – 9pm at Pets Behave in Niceville, Florida

For this workshop we looked at a course map and talked about the best path for your dog. We then waled the course and each student walked their dogs path. THEN, we figured out what YOUR path should be to achieve your desired goal: a fast, clean run!!

February 3 Course

Click here for course maps and a recap of the 2016 Workshops!

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Suggested Seminar/Workshop Topics

Agility Foundations
Lisa can't stress enough how important a good, solid base of foundation skills is to every agility competitor. Through several years of teaching and coaching students of various skill levels, Lisa realized that Linda Mecklenburg's observations in agility's early days are still very true today. Lisa would love to show you how to use the 4 natural cues (motion, shoulders, positioning, eye contact) to easily and seamlessly maneuver your dog through any level of agility course.

Foundation Drills - putting it all together
Apply the Foundation Skills to common sequences and see how well your dog responds. Using the 4 natural cues only, you will run a short sequence and will be amazed at how your dog will focus on YOU! Calling your dog's name or yelling "come!" several times during a run will be things of the past.

Course Work - Beginner to International
Lisa can create sequences and coursework to meet and challenge any skill level. Participants can walk/run the sequences and suggestions will be made on an individual basis to help each dog/handler team maneuver to the best of their abilities.

Are you sure your dog understands all of your commands - even for the most basic of behaviors? Lisa's Obedience "With a Twist" will engage both you and your dog through many exercises that you will not likely find in most obedience classes. The exercises she presents will test you and your dog's skills to perform with multiple distractions in a fun environment. While many of the skills are obedience related, they are designed to help the agility team on course and beyond!

Mini Workshop Topics

  • Let’s Focus on WEAVES
    Yes! Your dog CAN perform the weaves quickly, reliably and with distractions! The theme of this workshop will continue the discovery of how our motion and position can affect our dog's performance. Be ready to help your dog deal with distractions and some more difficult entries. This workshop is for dogs who are proficient in the weaves and can do them with speed and confidence.
  • Let's Focus on CONTACTS
    For this workshop, we will concentrate how to help your dog with smooth, safe approaches and exits from the contact equipment. Just how independent are your dog's contacts? Can you handle from a distance - even just a little? We will work on several common sequences, including turn back to and from tunnels, turning off the equipment and building confidence in all contact performances.
  • Let’s Focus on DISTRACTIONS
    While we can't totally recreate a trial environment on the training field, we CAN try to recreate many of the distractions that our dogs are facing at a trial and in the ring. For this workshop, we will add as many distractions as your dog can handle. We will start slowly and as your dog accepts the challenge and is rewarded for ignoring anything pesky, we will add more as the session progresses. Our goal is to give your dog just enough that might at first make him a bit uncomfortable but not so much that he is unable to work through it.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: info@lisagrahamagility.com


If you are interested in hiring Lisa for a seminar of any type/length, please click here to contact Lisa for available dates. Please list location, topics you would like, length of seminar (4 hour, full day, two day) and number of people/dogs who would be attending.

  • Foundation skills for Beginners and for the Advanced handlers who might have "holes" in their training program
  • Focused Instruction for All Skill Levels based on the Mecklenburg Handling System - Beginner through International
  • Obedience for Agility - asking for behaviors with distractions
  • Positive/Clicker Training Methods
  • Learn more about Lisa

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